How to Run Offline Version of ChatGPT Like LLM on Your PC

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Chatbots are becoming more popular as a way to interact with customers and automate business processes. However, relying on internet connectivity to access such chatbots may not always be desirable or feasible for every organisation. It is where running an offline version of ChatGPT-like LLM on your PC comes in handy.

This is Step-by-Step Guide on How to Run ChatGPT Like LLM Code

Step 1: Downloading ChatGPT-Like LLM code

The first step in setting up an offline version of ChatGPT like LLM is to download the code for the bot. We typically write this code in Python, so you will need to have Python installed on your computer. Once you have installed Python, you can download the code for ChatGPT-Like LLM from the GitHub repository.

Step 2: Installing Dependencies 

After downloading the ChatGPT-Like LLM code, you will need to install its dependencies. This includes installing the TensorFlow library, NumPy, and other libraries that are required to run the code. These dependencies can be installed using the pip package manager in Python.

 You can install these libraries using the following command in the command prompt:

pip install tensorflow numpy pandas

Step 3: Training LLM ChatGPT

LLM relies on a pre-trained language model to generate user query responses. However, you can also train the language model further using your data to improve its accuracy. You will need to provide LLM with a large dataset of text, which it can use to learn from.

Or You Can Download the Pre-trained Model from here

Step 4: Modifying the Code 

Once you have trained LLM, you will need to modify the code to use your model. This involves changing the paths to your model file and other settings that are specific to your model.

Step 5: Testing your Chatbot 

After modifying the code, you should test your chatbot to ensure it is working correctly. You can do this by running the code in a Python interpreter or by using a chatbot emulator made specifically for testing chatbots.

Step 6: Deploying the Bot 

The ultimate step in setting up an offline version of ChatGPT-like LLM is to deploy it. It involves packaging the code and its dependencies into an executable file. Nevertheless, it can work on any Windows machine without requiring Python or any other dependencies to be installed.

In conclusion, setting up an offline version of ChatGPT-Like LLM on your PC can be quite straightforward if you follow the above-stated steps. While this may take effort, it is worth it if you require an offline chatbot that can function independently of the internet. Remember to test your chatbot thoroughly before deploying it to ensure it is working correctly.

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