AI Turn beloved Disney characters into terrifying character


By Gurkirat Singh

Credit - u/hasanahmad

"Mickey the Maniac"

Imagine Mickey Mouse as a deranged killer, wielding a blood-stained butcher knife while wearing his signature red shorts

"Wicked Pooh"

Winnie the Pooh undergoes a dark transformation, becoming a malevolent force. His innocent demeanor gives way to a sinister aura as he prowls through the Hundred Acre Wood

"Zombie Woody"

Woody from Disney's Toy Story transforms into an undead creature. His once cheerful cowboy attire is now torn and stained with decay, 

"Maniac Goofy"

Enter a nightmarish version of Goofy, where his lovable personality takes a sinister turn. With a twisted grin and wild, bloodshot eyes, 

"Donald the Demented"

Witness the transformation of Donald Duck as he succumbs to the allure of darkness and becomes an embodiment of evil

"Bambi's Revenge"

In a dark and twisted turn of events, Bambi, the beloved young deer, undergoes a haunting transformation

Mario Characters But in Anime

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