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Minecraft is a game that is choked full of content. No wonder why people are still playing the game even after a decade. The other thing that also helped with the longevity of the game were the mods. Minecraft mods come in a lot of different flavors. Whether it’s gameplay enhancements or graphical. However, this time we will be taking a look at the weirdest mods.

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5 Weirdest Minecraft Mods

Ender mail

This distinctiveness and the teleportation powers are introduced by Ender mail into an Endermen mailing system. These creatures are available for hiring by players to deliver packages throughout the game. If an Enderman is holding something now, it very likely belongs to you.

Enemy expansion

This mod is perfect for putting your fully upgraded equipment and priceless expertise to the test. The list contains a wide variety of beings, from the “Vampire,” which lives up to its name as a violent demon, to the “Sprinter,” a slightly improved zombie with 1.5 times its normal speed. The inclusion of various strange creatures creates an eerie and unpleasant experience in Minecraft.

Identity mod

With the help of this mod, you can absorb entities after killing them thanks to a new morphing system. After that, you can change into one of these absorbed mobs to see the world of Minecraft from a different angle. The transformed characters will be useful because you can use their skills as well.

I Wanna Skate

This mod is highly suggested if you enjoy skating and want to experience it in Minecraft. Create your own board, execute tricks, and use other interactive features to bring skateboarding into your world for a truly realistic experience. Additionally, there are more than 10 enchantments to improve your skating competitions.

Chunk in a globe

With the help of this mod, you may add a peculiar yet pleasant aspect to your Minecraft world’s interior. A completely accessible, compact globe the size of your hand is possible. This is a scaled-down representation of a house inside your residence. Three base blocks and five glass panes are all that are required.

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