Apple Watch Is Getting The Swipe To Swap Watch-Face Feature Back

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The Apple Watch has been getting better and better. And it is probably in its best state yet. However, some good features are lost, like swiping to swap the watch-face feature. This feature was missing from watchOS but is making a return.

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Apple Watch – watchOS 10.2

Changing the watch face is more difficult now than it was in the past. To change the watch face on an Apple Watch, you have to long-press the display and then swipe or rotate the digital crown. This is rather than just swiping. It’s a lengthier way of accomplishing it, but it doesn’t need much more work.

As soon as the change was seen, several users took to the internet to voice their disapproval. Those who continuously swipe between different faces for different objectives run into issues with this.

It must be acknowledged that the current long-press technique provides a few benefits. For instance, in addition to being able to swipe to one of your watch faces, you can also use an edit button on the device to personalize them or even choose completely different ones, saving you the trouble of using your iPhone. Additionally, there is a button that enables you to share your carefully altered creations with other people.

According to @aaronp613, who is known for Apple-related news, The Apple Swipe Watch face feature is making a return in watchOS 10.2. However, it should be mentioned that the feature is not by default in its current state. You’ll have to go into Settings and Clock to choose the swiping option unless Apple fixes this. It appears that Apple will continue to support both the previous and the current watch face-changing methods. All you have to do is choose your favorite.

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