Cranium Emerges from KPMG’s Venture Studio to Address AI Security Challenges

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has created unprecedented opportunities for businesses and individuals, paving the way for innovative products and services that were once impossible to achieve. However, with these groundbreaking advances comes a crucial issue – the security and safety of AI systems.

In particular, malicious actors can exploit AI to pose serious threats to individuals and organizations, such as manipulating data or accessing sensitive information. Recognizing the urgent need to address these challenges, KPMG recently launched a venture studio to identify and develop solutions, resulting in the emergence of Cranium – an AI cybersecurity company focused on ensuring the safety and reliability of AI-powered systems.

KPMG’s Venture Studio

KPMG is a leading global professional services firm that provides audit, tax, and advisory services. The firm recently launched KPMG Venture, a global platform designed to support innovative startups and scale-ups by providing them with access to KPMG’s expertise, resources, and networks. The KPMG Venture Studio is a part of this platform focusing on creating and incubating high-growth companies.

Cranium Emerges

One of the startups emerging from the KPMG Venture Studio is Cranium, an AI cybersecurity company that aims to provide robust protection for AI-powered systems. Founded by Dr. Richard Naylor, an expert in cybersecurity and AI, Cranium uses innovative approaches to prevent AI systems from being compromised by malicious actors.

Cranium’s Approach

Cranium’s approach to AI cybersecurity differs from traditional cybersecurity practices. While traditional cybersecurity focuses on perimeter defense. However, Cranium prioritizes protecting the assets within the perimeter. The company’s flagship product, CraniumProtect, is a comprehensive security solution that provides AI-enabled threat defense for businesses and organizations.

The product uses AI algorithms to monitor and analyze data to detect patterns of abnormal behavior and proactively prevent security breaches. Cranium protects the company and offers Cranium verify, a solution that verifies the integrity of AI-based data processing. It does this by analyzing data inputs and outputs, ensuring that the AI algorithm is processing data correctly and securely.

Benefits of Cranium’s Solutions

Cranium’s solutions offer several benefits for businesses and organizations using AI-powered systems. These include:

Improved Security, Reliability, Efficiency

Cranium Protect provides comprehensive and proactive threat defense. Its AI algorithms continuously monitor and analyze data, ensuring the early detection and mitigation of potential threats.

By verifying the integrity of AI-based data processing, Cranium Verify helps ensure that AI systems are reliable and error-free.

With Cranium’s solutions, businesses and organizations focus on core operations, while leaving cybersecurity to the experts.


As the use of AI-powered systems continues to grow exponentially, it is essential to address the security challenges that come with it. Cranium, emerging from KPMG’s Venture Studio, offers innovative solutions that prioritize the protection of assets within the perimeter.

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