From Noise Canceling to On-Device Transcription: Krisp Expands its AI Capabilities

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Krisp, a noise-canceling and audio processing AI startup, is expanding its AI capabilities beyond just noise cancelling to now include real-time transcription. We focused the company on addressing audio-based productivity issues and will now provide both active noise cancellation and on-device transcription processing, which will significantly improve the overall audio experience.

Krisp’s AI Capabilities:

Krisp’s AI capabilities have always been its strong suit, with its noise-canceling tools quickly becoming essential for remote workers, podcasters, and video conferencing users. Now, with its on-device transcription processing feature, Krisp is set to revolutionize the audio processing industry. Its AI technology is capable audio streams in real-time and uses deep neural networks to filter out any background noise or other distractions. This feature can both audio and video calls, making conversations clearer, improving productivity and contributed to seamless remote working and communication.

Technical complications:

There has always been a technical hurdle with on-device transcription processing, but Krisp has overcome this by using its AI technology to convert audio streams with high accuracy in real-time. It uses a neural network-based acoustic model and a beam search decoder to perform efficient, low-latency speech recognition, even in noisy environments.

Benefits of Krisp’s additional feature:

The added feature of on-device transcription processing means that users can now rely on Krisp for a more holistic audio experience that takes care of both unwanted sounds and transcription needs. This feature is for individuals who work in noisy environments, like coffee shops and co-working spaces, or for those who want to focus on a call without being distracted by background noise.

Individuals with hearing disabilities can also use the new feature, as Krisp can transcribe the conversation in real-time, making communication more accessible. Krisp’s AI software can now transcribe the dialogue, and we can display the transcript in real time on the user’s device. This makes it easy for individuals to follow along with the conversation and to participate in the call without any difficulties. This feature is also beneficial for those who work in multicultural teams, as it can help them understand language accents that they may not be familiar with. It can improve communication, eliminate misunderstandings, and help build trust among team members.

Applications of Krisp’s AI Capabilities:

Krisp’s AI capabilities have a broad range of applications. For example, customer support representatives can use it to transcribe conversations or sales agents to transcribe sales pitches. They can also use it in healthcare settings to transcribe doctor-patient conversations, making it easier for patients to access medical information. Legal professionals can use Krisp’s transcription processing software to transcribe courtroom proceedings, interviews, or even translate conversations between parties. Journalists can also use it to transcribe interviews, press conferences, or speeches.

Krisp, the AI-powered noise cancellation tool, is expanding the capabilities of its platform on-device transcription technology. This new feature allows users to convert their spoken words into text on-device, without internet connection, enhancing accessibility and privacy. This technology also allows Krisp to cater to new industries, such as healthcare and legal, where transcription is a critical component of the job.

The expansion of Krisp’s AI capabilities the company’s commitment to innovation and continually improving its product to meet the developing needs of its users. With this new feature, Krisp not only offers noise canceling but also provides a complete solution for voice communication, making it a valuable tool for professionals in various industries. As Krisp continues to strengthen and expand its capabilities, it will undoubtedly become a go-to tool for anyone looking to enhance the quality of their voice communications.

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