Google Pays $8 Million Settlement for Deceptive Pixel 4 Ads Claims

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We know Google for its search engine, Android operating system, and versatile products and services. However, the tech giant has recently come under fire for the deceptive Pixel 4 ad campaigns between October 2019 and December 2020. It accused google of deceptive advertising for its Pixel 4 gadget on May 6th. As a result, reached a settlement with the Attorney General of 36 US states and the District of Columbia. The tech giant agreed to pay an $8 million settlement in response to the claims.

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What were the deceptive practices?

Attorney General from 39 US states charged Google for using fine print in advertisements to deceive consumers about the capabilities of the product. Google falsely claimed that the device had “all-day battery life” and “unlimited original quality Google Photos storage,” even though neither of these features existed. To deceive consumers and persuade them to buy the product, Google allegedly utilized terms like “battery life up to” and “move photos to Google Photos” in its marketing.

What did the settlement entail?

Under the settlement, Google has agreed to pay $8 million to the 39 Attorney General. $2.7 million will cover refunds, while the remaining $5.3 million will be for legal and investigation costs. Google has agreed to improve its advertising practises to make sure that its adverts are more transparent and appropriately convey product benefits.

Attorney General Letitia James, “Consumers should have access to clear and concise information when purchasing a product. Google’s misrepresentations deprived people of a meaningful choice about what product to purchase, and we are pleased that were able to achieve this settlement.”

What are consumer rights advocates saying?

Consumer rights advocates have welcomed the settlement, noting that it is a victory for consumer protection. It’s time for businesses like Google to stop using dishonest marketing techniques and take responsibility for their actions. Consumer Watch’s executive director, Mark Cooper, expressed his happiness with the Attorney General’s response.

A statement from Google “it committed us to giving our consumers accurate information about our products. We have updated our advertising practices to ensure we are providing clear communication about the features of our products.”

Google has settled its deceptive Pixel 4 ads claims with 39 US states. Google has agreed to pay $8 million in settlements and update its advertising practices to ensure transparency of product features. Consumer rights advocates have welcomed the settlement, noting that it is a victory for consumer protection.

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