MBC to Produce World’s First AI-Directed Program

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MBC, a South Korean public broadcasting company, announced on July 3 that it will produce the world’s first AI-directed program. The program, titled “PD Has Disappeared!”, will be directed by Emphago, an AI-Directed program director that was developed by MBC.

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Producers Yoon Kwon-soo, Choi Min-Geun, and Cho Heung-jun co-planned the AI-Directed program. They plan to participate only in the planning stages and entrust all directing to Emphago. Filming is scheduled to begin in the second half of 2023.

The AI-Directed program will feature a variety of genres, including talk shows, variety shows, and documentaries. Emphago will use its artificial intelligence capabilities to select guests, write scripts, and direct the filming. The producers believe that Emphago’s unique perspective will create a new and innovative type of television program.

The program is expected to air in the upper half of 2024. MBC is currently in the process of securing sponsors and partners for the project.

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