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Metaverse, A virtual social platform is something you have probably heard about. The Metaverse features interactions with other people, activities and even games. While, there are problems with the platform and it’s as not as good as expected, you can still have your fun. Metaverse can offer a plethora of games which can immerse you really well. So, if you have an Occulus Quest 2 or a PC, here are some games you should try.

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VRChat is THE definitive virtual social experience. It’s like a Metaverse inside a Metaverse. VRChat allows you to create your own avatar that other real people can see you as. There are multiple areas or levels in the game where you can choose your own fun. You can bowl, Sing Karaoke or just relax and talk to strangers online.

VRChat is one of the earliest modern Virtual reality platforms. And it’s age and experience really gave the developers an upper hand against their competitors.


Fortnite needs no introduction. Everyone knows about Fortnite. The Battle royale game that gets millions of viewers on Twitch and thousands of players. Well, you may not know that Fortnite is becoming a Metaverse experience day by day. Fortnite has gradually evolved over time into a game that can both be played and enjoyed.

The biggest foray into the Metaverse, though, has been the entirety of live performances.Many big name artists like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande have performed concerts inside the game and they have been surreal.


Roblox is an another social game. While the game does not require a VR headset, you can use it to elevate the experience. This gaming platform has recently experienced an explosion in popularity and is still where millions of people spend their spare time. Users of Roblox can design their own block-sized characters and participate in a huge selection of games. Roblox, features thousand of games and activities to take part in.

You can find nearly everything there, From racing games to first person shooters. However keep in mind not every game supports VR.


Decentraland is another fantastic game if you enjoyed the concept of owning virtual. Users own the environment they live in in the fully decentralised Metaverse game Decentraland. Decentraland allows players to create their own virtual world, similar to Sandbox. The game operates on user side assets. This means users can purchase, rent and sell their properties in auction

Players can earn cryptocurrency through these activities. They can also visit other players properties and engage in property.

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