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Morrowind is a game that is more than two decades old now. However, even being this old, it provides a surreal experience that, I think, no other Elder Scrolls game provides. And while the next Elder Scrolls game is nowhere to be seen, going back to the game sounds like a good idea. However, I did say that game is more than two decades old. This means some things have not aged well. Don’t worry though, here is a list of Morrowind Quality of Life mods to make your experience a tad bit better.

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Morrowind Code Patch

Morrowind Code Patch is a must-have in the list of Morrowind mods. ES3 is a Bethesda game. Which means that I must be having some inherent bugs. This mod fixes most of the known bugs and even lets you choose to alter some gameplay elements.


Morrowind offers are really immersive and beautiful landscape to its users. However, most of it is always hidden behind the fog. MGE XE lets you increase the render distance, as well as increases graphical quality by allowing shaders and other stuff.

Better Dialogue Font

Morrowind does not have much voice acting. This means most of the information is conveyed by text. And you will definitely be reading a lot. Better Dialogue Font adds high-quality fonts to the game. This becomes extra handy when playing on higher resolutions.

Delayed DB Attack

If you are playing Morrowind nowadays, you probably have the version which includes all the DLCs. Well, one of the DLCs poses a very annoying problem for new players. I won’t spoil it. Just keep in mind to install this mod.

Fair Magicka Regen

Playing a sorcerer can be really hard in Morrowind. While it’s the most fun way to play the game, they suffer from something. They don’t regen magicka like in Oblivion or Skyrim. This makes the game especially hard in early game. Fair Magicka Regen adds a vanilla-like magicka regen system to the game. A must-have in Morrowind mods.

Security Enhanced

After some time, lockpicking becomes a really cumbersome task. First, you have to look for a lock, then equip and try to lock pick something. Security Enhanced lets you bind hotkeys to lockpicks and probes for smoother stealing gameplay.

UI Expansion

Morrowind’s UI looks like a spreadsheet sometimes. It can be confusing to look for stuff once you have a lot of items. UI Expansion adds filters and search bars to make finding stuff way easier.

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