Netflix’s DP Season 2 Set to Stream from July 28

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Netflix’s K-drama DP Season 2 Will Start Streaming on July 28. Netflix announced DP Season 2 through their Instagram account on 20th June.

The highly anticipated second season of the show is set to pick up where the first season left off, continuing the captivating story.

“DP” is an acronym for “Deserter Pursuit,” and this captivating series centers around a specialized team dedicated to tracking down military deserters. Led by the skilled Sergeant Park Joon-ho, portrayed by the talented actor Jung Hae-in, the team faces the daunting challenge of apprehending those who have abandoned their military duties.

Through its exploration of military service, “DP” delves into the intricate complexities surrounding desertion. It offers a thought-provoking examination of the individuals involved, shedding light on their personal struggles, motivations, and the far-reaching consequences of their choices. The series not only presents the relentless pursuit of deserters but also delves into the profound moral dilemmas faced by the characters, offering insights into the intricate web of emotions and decisions that shape their lives.

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