New Jeans Minji Talks Teamwork, New Music on Vogue Korea

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New Jeans Minji recently graced the digital cover of Vogue Korea, and in an accompanying interview, she opened up about her upcoming debut anniversary, teamwork, and new music.

“The part of New Jeans that has grown the most over the past year is our teamwork,” Minji said. “We’ve become more comfortable with each other and more in sync, which has allowed us to create better music together.” Read More – King the Land Responds to Criticism of Arab Culture

Minji also talked about her new single, “Super Shy,” which is one of the triple title tracks from New Jeans’ upcoming second mini album, Get Up. “‘Super Shy’ is a song about the excitement of being in love,” she said. “It’s a song that I think everyone can relate to.”

Get Up is set to be released on July 21, and Minji is excited to share it with fans. “I hope that the album will bring people joy and happiness,” she said.

New Jeans Minji Talks Teamwork, New Music on Vogue Korea
New Jeans Minji For Vogue Korea

The interview with Minji was conducted by Vogue Korea, and the photos were taken by photographer Kim Young-jun.

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