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It has been roughly three years since Twitter announced the hiring of a new CEO to free up Elon Musk’s time so he could shift his focus back to Tesla and eliminate any distractions that might be preventing him from concentrating on the company’s goals. After feeling the full brunt of Twitter’s weight for years, Musk is relieved to see the inventor of SpaceX finally able to focus his energies on the projects that his followers and fans have been waiting for.

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The Early Days: When Elon Musk Found a Balance

At the beginning of his Twitter journey, Elon Musk was a jack of all trades and managed to cope with the distraction of social media head-on. Back then, his tweets were heavily focused on current events around the world. They usually consisted of events such as hurricanes, pandemics, and, of course his other companies like Tesla and SpaceX. Not only did he keep up with current events, but he also used his presence to announce significant events surrounding Tesla and SpaceX.

This period marked the beginning of a new chapter in the life of Elon Musk. His success in other companies had already established him as a reliable source of genius. His embrace of Twitter allowed him to remain on the public’s radar. After years of hard work, he earned the trust and admiration of his followers, and it seemed that his balance of Twitter and Tesla was working. But shortly after, things began to change.

Elon Musk Becomes Manufacture of Controversy

After Twitter experienced its first few blowups, it seemed the platform began to gradually become a distraction for Elon Musk. It was within his character to use the platform to speak out on injustices. He also used it to announce the successes of his other ventures, and even occasionally post about random tidbits.

But things began to take a major shift when Musk began to manufacture controversy with some of his tweets. This was not a one-off issue, but something that seemed to be happening more and more frequently.

He would retweet posts from anonymous accounts and make outwardly insulting claims about the United States government. All of this only added fuel to the fire that was already burning.

Elon Musk’s Over-Reliance on Twitter

As time went on, it seemed that Elon Musk’s reliance on Twitter only expanded. He was no longer just using the platform to announce the success of his company’s projects. Rather he was tweeting more provocative, partisan messages, and sharing conspiracy theories. This all distracted from the projects of both Tesla and SpaceX.

Twitter began to become a source of endless distractions for Elon Musk, and some investors started to become concerned about how it would affect the performance of Tesla and SpaceX. That led to the announcement of the new CEO and a plan to refocus Musk.

The New Twitter CEO

After much speculation, the new CEO was anit announced the new CEOnounced. Prominent entrepreneur and businesswoman Rebecca Goldstein took the role over. One of the main focuses of the move was to allow Elon Musk to refocus the issue, attention to Tesla and SpaceX and escape the distraction of Twitter.

Goldstein has brought with her new principles for the platform and managed to turn it into a resourceful platform for investors and professionals. She understands the responsibilities and pressures of today’s business world. She was keen to ensure that Twitter served as a place of sharing and debating, not arguing.

The Results

It has now been three years since the appointment of the new Twitter CEO, and while there has certainly been a change, Musk has only seen the benefits of allowing Goldstein to run the social media platform.

He has now become much less active on Twitter and has shifted his priorities to Tesla and SpaceX. He is now spending more time in the lab and engineering the future of electric vehicles and rockets. This has resulted in massive strides in both projects.

Overall, the appointment of Rebecca Goldstein as Twitter CEO enabled Elon Musk to refocus his attention on growing his ventures and furthering technology’s capabilities. The move has allowed him to escape the many distractions that Twitter had become. This also let him put all of his energies into the projects that have made him a global icon. Without Goldstein and her new values, who knows where Musk and his companies would be today?

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