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Blizzard has decided to cancel the Overwatch 2 PvE mode called ‘Hero Mode’. This has led fans to disappointment because they think they are getting ripped off. Overwatch became a phenomenon in the E-sports scene after some time of its release. So there was automatically a huge hype in the player-base with the announcement of a sequel. However, things did work as intended. The main complaints regarding the sequel were that it was too similar to the original game. The long waiting times to join in a match was also a problem. Others were basic server issues. The players were really disappointed with the game multiplayer.

However, developers actually announced an upcoming PvE mode for Overwatch 2 to provide players with content. They mode was still in development when suddenly it was announced that it will be scrapped. The mode was supposed to feature skill trees, talents and numerous new enemies to fight with. These PvE challenges could also be played cooperatively with friends.

Reasons for Cancellation

The Developers said that main reason for this decision the time and resources required for the project were infeasible. If they were to work on it, the resources required to would be so immense that it may take an impractical amount of time. The Developers were not really sure it they wanted to invest this much in this mode. Blizzard is now going to shift its focus more on the short term content updates. The resources that the team was going to use for the mode will used in these new updates. However, The Devs have actually promised other PvE content in the future. The main concern of the team from now on will be to actually cater to the player-base as regularly as possible. Form now, all the developer effort will going to the story arc and new seasons.

Players are currently furios of this decision. But, Blizzard is trying to convince them that this decision would not be futile and regular content will actually benefit the game more than the aforementioned ‘Hero Mode’.

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