Payday 3 Reveal at Xbox Showcase Stuns Fans – Enough to Excuse The Controversy?

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The Xbox Game Showcase 2023 was wild. It revealed games such Fable, Cyberpunk 2077 DLC, Forza Motorsport Starfield and Payday 3. It is not wrong to say that PlayStation has serious challenge regarding the games they offer. The next couple of years look promising. However the game we are talking about today is a really popular horde Shooter, Payday.

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The Controversy Surrounding Payday 3

So the fan base of Payday is exactly not pleased with the developers, Overkill. This all started recently when Payday 2 launched on Epic. It doesn’t sound like a problem, but i became a really huge one for existing players.

So main problems that players address is, Match making not working. This is a huge deal since the game is basically multiplayer. The new switch to Epic made that every connection had to be through epic games server. Which are not really good.

Linus Users can no longer play the game. Yup, a total platform can’t play the game. Also external plugins and mods, a huge part of the experience, are not working anymore. And seems like Overkill is not doing something about. This is what made the players bitter.

While Payday 3 announcement and gameplay trailer did gave the players some hope, the pre-orders and different bundles don’t really give off a good feeling.

Payday 3 Trailer Breakdown

The game is now set in Chicago instead of DC. This was hinted way before with the concept art and trailer confirms. The graphics look ok. But, every payday player knows the graphics are not what people play payday for. It still is an upgrade on the last entry. And thank god, the game doesn’t use the Diesel Engine anymore.

The trailer shows a classic bank heist. You can the npc intimidation and even enemy intimidation. The new mechanic that can be seen the human shield. The game also shows multiple weapons and they too look pretty good. Multiple cops are also shown which is what makes the game what it is.

The weapon shown sound good and are certainly an upgrade. One of the characters is seen wielding a heavily modified Ak which is in character. The most interesting thing is the Double Barrel Shotgun shooting 3 rounds before reloading. The developers remembered about BulletStorm aced.

Multiple specialty enemies likes Cloakers and Dozers also make an appearance. With some high tech stuff also present. At last, the trademark hype soundtrack is present too.

Currently, the game ticks all the marks of a good payday game. However, it is still needed to been seen whether Overkill redeems itself.

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