Planet 999 Contestant Ahn Jeongmin Debut With Solo “Rainy Day”

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Former Girls Planet 999 contestant Ahn Jeongmin, known for her time as a trainee under SM Entertainment, has defied age limitations and expectations with her self-written solo debut “Rainy Day”.

During a recent Instagram live session with a fan, Jeongmin candidly expressed her concerns about feeling “too old” to make her debut, despite being born in 2004. However, she has proven that age is just a number by releasing her solo debut on June 24, now performing under the stage name JEOMi. Notably, JEOMi has joined the escape agency, with her music being distributed by YG PLUS.

The debut track, titled “Rainy Day,” showcases JEOMi’s talents as both a lyricist and composer. With her sweet and unique vocals and a captivating earthy vibe, JEOMi has crafted a mesmerizing debut that has garnered excitement among her devoted fanbase, particularly those who supported her journey on Girls Planet 999.

JEOMi’s tenacity and determination to pursue her dreams in the face of age limitations provide hope and inspiration to other aspiring trainees who may find themselves in a similar situation. Breaking free from the conventional norms of the industry, she serves as a testament to the fact that passion and talent can transcend age restrictions.

Ahn Jeongmin Single Debut Rainy Days
Ahn Jeongmin Single Debut Rainy Days

JEOMi Break the Barrier

While the K-pop industry often heavily relies on the support of large agencies to gain traction, JEOMi’s solo debut demonstrates that with dedication and unwavering belief in oneself, success is attainable. Her journey marks a significant milestone for older trainees who are eager to prove their worth and make their mark in the fiercely competitive world of K-pop.

As JEOMi embarks on her solo career, her fanbase eagerly anticipates the artistic growth and achievements that lie ahead. JEOMi’s undeniable talent, self-written music, and strong support system position her to carve out a unique path for herself in the dynamic realm of K-pop.

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