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Gameface is Googles Attempt to get rid of controllers entirely. Other companies are trying to make traditional game pads more and more accessible to the masses. Instead, Project Gameface enables the playing of games solely through basic head and facial gestures.

Google Gameface Target Audience

Google named the project Gameface, which, as its name implies, focuses on a gamer’s face as a control mechanism. It announced Gameface at their Google I/O 2023 but Google did not include it in the main stage demos. Project Gameface is made for gamers like Lance Carr, a streamer who has muscular dystrophy. It is a condition that gradually weakens skeletal muscles over time. Gameface is completely different from Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller. Adaptive controllers are designed with unusually shaped and over-sized buttons. Microsoft designed their controllers in a way so that differently able people can use more than just fingers to play games. However, Gameface totally changes the idea and looks for other options for diffrent audience.

Carr mainly relied on tech like head-tracking mice for gaming. Up until the point when he lost everything he owned in a house fire, including all of his gaming equipment. Despite this tragedy, Google engineers decided to step in and not only help Carr replace his head-tracking mouse but also work to significantly enhance it. Although the concept of head-tracking mice is not new, these mice often track eye blinks or large head movements.

Gameface Working

Gameface basically uses a standard webcam aimed at the user’s face. A few machine learning algorithms monitor 468 distinct places on the face, enabling GameFace to precisely detect not only head movements but also intentional facial motions. These algorithms can then convert these gestures to keyboard shortcuts or mouse clicks. Project Gameface makes every effort to be as flexible as possible, including allowing users who can only make little facial motions to benefit from it.

Gameface is still in development phase. However, Interested individuals can contribute to its development through Github.

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