PlayStation Plus Users Cancel Subscriptions To Protest

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PlayStation Plus is not in the best position right now. While PlayStation has a lot of great games, the subscribers aren’t getting any. PS is already competing with Xbox Game Pass, which is definitely considered superior. And now people are canceling their subscriptions as a protest against the lackluster service and catalog of games.

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PlayStation Plus Protest

One person expressed their disappointment at having to cancel their subscription on Reddit. They discussed how the bad games in the past forced them to terminate their subscription. As evidence, a screenshot is included with their words.

Moderators for PlayStation entered the forum and deleted most of the posts. Not that this has stopped enthusiasts from leaving their own reflections on PS Plus’s dark days in the thread’s comments. Disagreements are being voiced when the PlayStation December lineup is struggling, with popular games disappearing from the service.

Other users took notice of this too. Users were also bothered by the recent price increases and no discounts for Black Friday on PlayStation Plus. They knew one or two cancellations wouldn’t bother PlayStation at all. So as a protest, a number of users are cancelling their subscriptions. Either they do something about the services or this may leave a blow to their reputation.

However, all of this unease occurs during a period when Sony is doing well, at least when it comes to the PS5 outselling the Xbox Series S/X seven to one. It was reluctantly acknowledged by a Redditor that Sony is doing “something right.” only not by those who own PS Plus.

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