Pre-Registrations For Krafton’s Bullet Echo India Now Open

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Krafton has just announced their new title Bullet Echo India. The game is a collaboration between Krafton and Zeptolab, known for their Cut The Rope series. While BGMI is still their most-known product, let’s see how this one goes. Let us take a look at some more details.

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Bullet Echo India

Pre-registrations for the game are now available on the Play Store and App Store. Pre-registering for Bullet Echo India grants players access to a unique pre-registration chest as well as the Sparkle customised hero skin.

According to IGN, ZeptoLab announced the release of the Indian version of Bullet Echo via an in-game announcement. According to the release, Indian players would have an exclusive opportunity to switch to the Indian version beginning April 4, 2024.

We are unsure, however, when the game will be available to the general public. According to the phrasing employed by ZeptoLab, the general launch could occur days or weeks later.
They explained why, stating that it aims to provide the best gaming experience as well as unique content that is in line with the preferences of Indian gamers.

Indian gamers will get dedicated servers and content specially tailored for the region. And much more.

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