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As the One Piece manga gradually unveils the details of the God Valley Incident, a significant event that occurred 38 years before the current storyline, fans are getting a closer look at the power dynamics of the characters involved. The God Valley Incident saw the Celestial Dragons selecting the island of the same name to host a brutal human hunting competition, attracting the attention of both the Rocks Pirates and the Roger Pirates, as well as Monkey D. Garp. In One Piece Chapter 1096, the manga revealed the prominent figures who participated in the God Valley Incident, so let’s rank these powerful individuals from weakest to strongest based on their strength during that event. Read More on BlurStory – One Piece Chapter 1096: Zoro’s Resemblance to Silvers Rayleigh Sparks Global Interest

God Valley Incident from Weakest to Strongest Ranked

Captain John

Captain John:
Captain John When He Was Alive by Devianart

A member of the Rocks Pirates, Captain John wielded two swords, suggesting he was a skilled swordsman. He became famous for amassing a vast treasure but met a tragic end when his subordinates mutinied and killed him.


Sunbell One Piece
Sunbell One Piece

As a Fish-Man, Sunbell possessed incredible physical strength, likely ten times that of an average human. His association with the formidable Roger Pirates suggests he was a strong fighter, possibly akin to Jinbe.


Gloriosa One Piece
One Piece Via Toei Animation

Gloriosa, the former Pirate Empress of Amazon Lily, and leader of the Kuja Pirates, was a Rocks Pirates member during the God Valley Incident. Her agility and combat skills were remarkable, making her a capable Haki user.

Miss Buckingham Stussy

Miss Buckingham Stussy One Piece
Miss Buckingham Stussy’s One Piece

A former member of the Rocks Pirates and the mother of Edward Weevil, Stussy exhibited extraordinary abilities such as Rokushiki mastery, the use of Seastone items, and the ability to generate bat-like wings and induce sleep through biting.

Ochoku (Wang Zhi)

Ochoku (Wang Zhi) One Piece
One Piece Via Toei Animation Thriller Bark

Ochoku played a pivotal role in the Rocks Pirates and later became the ruler of Hachinosu, a Pirate Island in the New World. His clash with Blackbeard during the Rocky Port Incident showcased his formidable strength.


bogard one piece
bogard one piece Toei Animation

A Marine Headquarters officer who accompanied Garp in his pursuit of Roger and participated in the God Valley Incident. While his abilities remain undisclosed, he likely possesses excellent swordsmanship skills.


Young Kaido One Piece
Kaido One Piece Via Toei Animation

During his time with the Rocks Pirates, Kaido was not as powerful as he later became as the captain of the Beasts Pirates and a Yonko. His exact strength during the incident remains uncertain, but he was already a formidable fighter.

Scopper Gaban

Scopper Gaban One Piece

A member of the Roger Pirates and considered the counterpart of Sanji within the crew’s dynamic. His exact strength hasn’t been detailed, but as a prominent member of the legendary Roger Pirates, he was undoubtedly an exceptional fighter.

Charlotte Linlin “Big Mom”

Charlotte Linlin "Big Mom"
Charlotte Linlin “Big Mom” Via Toei Animation

A former Rocks Pirates member, Big Mom was known for her physical strength and resilience. She possessed advanced Conqueror’s Haki and the Soul-Soul Fruit, enabling her to create formidable Homies. In her prime, she was a force to be reckoned with.


shiki one piece
Shiki One Piece via Toei Animation

A member of the Rocks Pirates, Shiki later became the captain of the Golden Lion Pirates. His dual swords, combined with his Float-Float Fruit abilities, made him a formidable fighter, capable of levitating objects and launching powerful attacks.

Saint Figarland Garling

Saint Figarland Garling via Shueisha/Colored by JLjarx

A merciless Celestial Dragon and Supreme Commander of the Holy Knights, Saint Garling led punitive raids for the World Government. His combat skills were showcased during the God Valley Incident, where he led the Holy Knights.

Silvers Rayleigh

Silvers Rayleigh One Piece
One Piece Via Toei Animation

Silvers Rayleigh, the Dark King, served as Gol D. Roger’s right-hand man and was the second-in-command of the Roger Pirates. His mastery of Haki and swordsmanship ranked him among the most powerful pirates of all time.

Edward Newgate “Whitebeard”

Edward Newgate "Whitebeard" One Piece
Edward Newgate “Whitebeard” One Piece Via Toei Animation

Before becoming a Yonko and the World’s Strongest Man, Whitebeard was a member of the Rocks Pirates. His combination of Conqueror’s Haki and the Tremor-Tremor Fruit made him an immensely powerful figure.

Monkey D. Garp

Monkey D. Garp One Piece Toei Animation
Monkey D. Garp One Piece Via Toei Animation

Garp played a pivotal role in the God Valley Incident, teaming up with Roger to defeat Rocks D. Xebec. Renowned as the Marine Hero, Garp’s physical strength, speed, and Haki abilities placed him among the strongest characters in the One Piece world.

Gol D. Roger

Gol D. Roger One Piece
Gol D. Roger One Piece Via Toei Animation

Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King, achieved unparalleled feats with his crew, including reaching Laugh Tale and discovering the One Piece. His prowess with Haki and swordsmanship made him virtually unbeatable.

Rocks D. Xebec

Rocks D. Xebec One Piece
Rocks D. Xebec Via One Piece

The strongest character involved in the God Valley Incident was Rocks D. Xebec, captain of the Rocks Pirates. He commanded the likes of Whitebeard, Kaido, and Big Mom. His strength was so fearsome that it took the combined might of Garp and Roger to defeat him. Xebec was considered the most formidable foe the Pirate King ever faced, solidifying his position as the most powerful character in the event.

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