Ubisoft announced the Free-to-play multiplayer shooter game XDefiant

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Ubisoft has announced its upcoming free-to-play multiplayer shooter, XDefiant. The game takes place in a universe where different factions from various Ubisoft franchises collide in intense matches. The game is developed by Ubisoft San Francisco and has already generated buzz in the gaming community. In this article, we’ll take a look at XDefiant’s features and gameplay, what to expect from the different factions and our thoughts on what the game can offer.

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Gameplay Fans of first-person shooters will find XDefiant very familiar, as it follows the traditional FPS genre. Players will form a team with four other players and engage in fast-paced, 6v6 matches. The objective of the game is straightforward; players must either eliminate the enemy team, capture a point, or deliver an object to a designated location. XDefiant will have a range of maps that provide a lot of diversity in gameplay.

Various locations inspired the maps and will feature destructible environments used to the player’s advantage during battles. One of the unique features of the XDefiant is the use of factions. Players will choose a faction to represent, and each faction comes with its set of classes, abilities, and weapons. Players can mix and match their faction’s abilities and weapons to create their unique playstyle. Factions Xdefiant features four factions, each with its unique set of classes and abilities.

Here’s a quick look at each of the factions:


The Wolves faction is renowned for tough classes and high-tech equipment in the Tom Clancy universe. The faction has two classes, the tank, and the assault. A tank has a passive ability increased damage resistance. The assault class can deploy a shield that protects against incoming fire.


Outcasts are acknowledged for their adaptability and draw inspiration from Tom Clancy’s The Division universe. The faction has two classes, the support class, and a sharpshooter class. The support class can deploy a healing station that heals nearby allies, and the sharpshooter class can use a grappling hook to avoid incoming fire.


The Cleaners faction by Tom Clancy’s The Division universe has classes that focus on close combat. A faction has two classes, the disruptor, and the firefly. The disruptor class carries a heavy flamethrower that can take out enemies quickly. The Firefly class has a drone that will track down and explode on nearby enemies.


Splinter Cell’s universe served as inspiration for Echelon’s stealthy classes. The faction has two classes, the infiltrator and the support. The infiltrator class carries a silenced assault rifle and can turn invisible for a short duration. A support class can deploy a drone that will reveal nearby enemies. What Do We Think?

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