Want A Free TV? Telly can Give You One. But is it Worth it?

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Do you want a TV? What about a 55-Inch 4k HDR TV? On top of that, What if the TV was free? Sounds tempting but impossible right? Well, it’s possible now. A company named Telly is giving away free 4k TVs. And no it’s not a scam it’s definitely real. They will even ship the TV to your home themselves. Sounds like a really good deal. There is nothing better than free. Well, it turns out there is a catch. And a really big one at that.

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What is Telly on about?

Well, The Telly TV scheme is actually a really grave dystopian activity. There are multiple agreements that you have to sign while taking part in this. These agreements include getting filmed by the TV, getting your voice recorded by the TV, Watching the TV regularly, and getting your tracked and collected by the company. Now it doesn’t sound like a great deal, right? If you get a free TV, you will be tracked every time you watch the TV. And it’s not like you can just not watch it because watching the TV regularly is part of the Agreement.

The TV also comes with secondary screens which display ads 24/7. The display also contains a camera and microphone to track and record your activities. And you can’t just cover the camera because it automatically identifies it too.

The better or worse thing, whatever way you put it is that they don’t even try to hide it. They are totally open about the fact that they record your activities and sell them to advertisers. They do say that they won’t collect data from someone younger than 13 years old, however, even they are not sure about it.

And opting out isn’t simple either. You either have to send the TV to Telly back or pay for the TV. Even if you opt out, the boat has already sailed and they probably even know your mother’s 3rd cousin’s name. Literally 1984.

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