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DuckDuckGo has been in the browser field for quite some time now. You may have come across it through a YouTube ad or some sponsorship. The browser prides itself on its private search and browsing features. However, there are still some controversies surrounding the browser that have negatively impacted its reputation. So, why is DuckDuckGo considered bad? What factors contribute to it not being a good choice? Let’s delve into these concerns and address them here.

It’s Not As Private As It Claims To Be

First and foremost, DuckDuckGo positions itself as a browser designed for users who prioritize privacy above all else. It aims to achieve this by disabling third-party cookies and trackers. However, it has come to light that the browser selectively blocks certain trackers while allowing others. Specifically, DuckDuckGo has been observed permitting Microsoft trackers while blocking other similar trackers. The CEO later clarified that this distinction was due to a syndication agreement between DuckDuckGo and Microsoft.

Additionally, it has been noted that DuckDuckGo primarily focuses on blocking major trackers, leaving newer trackers unaffected—at least for a certain period of time.

It’s Not Convenient To Use

DuckDuckGo, being privacy-focused, stands out by not collecting user data. Consequently, it does not create user profiles like other browsers such as Chrome or Brave.

In comparison to other browsers that streamline password inputs and login pages for a smoother user experience, DuckDuckGo does not prioritize such conveniences. Attempting to enhance user-friendliness through those techniques would contradict its primary objective of prioritizing privacy. However, not everyone is willing to forgo these conveniences, making it a drawback for some users.

It’s Limited

While Chrome boasts thousands of extensions and other plugins, DuckDuckGo, in comparison, offers a more limited selection. However, it is important to note that DuckDuckGo remains a commendable browser. Considering the vastness of Chrome’s ecosystem and the active developer base, many of whom are unpaid volunteers, Chrome is undoubtedly more dynamic.

DuckDuckGo’s feature set, in contrast, may appear comparatively limited.

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