Yena Choi’s “Hate Rodrigo” Taken Down from YouTube Upon Olivia Rodrigo’s Request

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Upon Singer Olivia Rodrigo’s team’s request, Yena Choi’s new single “Hate Rodrigo” has been taken down from YouTube. The music video’s private conversion has sparked attention as people speculate about the reasons behind it.

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The controversy surrounding the title of Choi Yena’s new song emerged even before its release. According to officials, there are discussions about a private conversation between Rodrigo and Choi Ye-na regarding the music video. This indicates that Rodrigo is aware of the controversy surrounding the title of Choi Yena’s new song.

Yena Choi Agency Yuehua Entertainment stated that they are currently assessing the situation.

The song expresses Choi Yena’s mix of jealousy and admiration towards popular pop star Olivia Rodrigo, as indicated by the title. However, the inclusion of Olivia Rodrigo’s name and the negative word “hate” sparked displeasure among her fans and criticism from critics, leading to the controversy.

Olivia Rodrigo’s team reportedly requested the removal of the music video, further escalating the situation.

Source – XportsNews

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