4 Best Avengers LEGO Toys for Marvel Enthusiasts

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LEGO Toys are great. Whether it’s an adult or a child, everyone can have fun with them. The joy of building something from the ground up makes them even more special. LEGO Toys are popular all around the world for multiple reasons. The one, however, that stands out is the crossovers. If you are a fan of some kind of franchise, there is a really high chance that LEGO has collaborated with them. So, if you are looking for some kind of merchandise to decorate your workplace or just for the hell of it, LEGO can be your go-to choice.

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LEGO Marvel Toys

Unsurprisingly, LEGO has also collaborated with Marvel to produce some really great Avengers LEGO Toys. Here are 4 of them that we think are really great.

IRON MAN – This guy is the face of the Avengers. One of the most iconic characters from the franchise, second only to Spider-Man in my humble opinion. This Lego set comes in nearly 800 pieces, which means this one is a really hefty work. However, it feels just as satisfactory once you finish it. All of the joints are movable which makes this even better.

4 Best Avengers LEGO Toys for Marvel Enthusiasts

Miles Morales – After the release of Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse 2, this model becomes even more sought after. This Miles Morales model is perfect for any Spider-Man fan. This LEGO toy is available with a 238-piece figure and has a fully-jointed construction so children can easily move, position, and posture it to look like a real object.

4 Best Avengers LEGO Toys for Marvel Enthusiasts

Thanos – Enough about the heroes let’s talk about the villains. Thanos is one of the best Marvel antagonists and also the most memorable. And this model captures the allure of him amazingly. For all Thanos enthusiasts, LEGO has created this 113-piece kit, which makes for an incredible building toy set. This model also comes with a removable infinity gauntlet for all your “Universe Balancing” needs.

4 Best Avengers LEGO Toys for Marvel Enthusiasts

Infinity Gauntlet – This is not a model per se but it’s not less cool than the other ones. This is a whole, 590 Piece, life-size Infinity Gauntlet. This is more on the Adult side of LEGO toys since it can be a little harder for children to build. This one also has a stand so you can display it in all its glory.

4 Best Avengers LEGO Toys for Marvel Enthusiasts

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