Attrakt vs TheGivers: Fifty Fifty Copyright Issues from the Composer’s Perspective

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The copyright issues surrounding the group Fifty Fifty are complex and have raised questions about the music industry. K-pop composer and producer Seo Ki-jun weigh in on the situation, offering his insights from a creator’s perspective.

One of the key points of contention is whether Attrakt intended to buy the copyright to Fifty Fifty’s hit song “Cupid” when they paid $9,000 to TheGivers. If Attrakt only intended to pay for the music production, then TheGivers would only have moral problems. However, if TheGivers used the $9,000 to pay for both the song fee and the copyright fee, then they would be legally liable.

Seo Ki-jun also points out that it is unusual for the names of the original authors not to be registered with the Korea Music Copyright Association. This raises the question of whether TheGivers is trying to hide something.

As for the members of Fifty Fifty, Seo Ki-jun believes that they also have a responsibility to take responsibility for their choices. He points out that the treatment of the members by Attract does not seem to be bad, and that the fact that they filed for a provisional injunction to suspend their exclusive contract suggests that they are only interested in paying a penalty and leaving the company.

Seo Ki-jun also criticizes the weak points of the exclusive contract standard contract, which allows artists to leave their agency by paying a penalty. He believes that this system encourages artists to jump from company to company in search of better deals, without considering the long-term consequences.

The Need for Reform in the K-pop Industry

In the end, Seo Ki-jun believes that the copyright issues surrounding Fifty Fifty highlight the need for reform in the K-pop industry. He believes that the industry needs to create a more transparent and fair system for artists and creators and that this system should protect the rights of all parties involved.

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