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Breaking Bad characters are the backbone of the show. The show has always been a cult classic. However, the recent resurgence in memes and internet culture made the show much more popular than it ever was. Even though the show ended in 2013, Nearly 10 years ago, It still holds as much relevancy as any modern show. Characters like Jesse Pinkman, Saul Goodman and Gus Fring really made the show what it is today. However, there is one name that stands out – Heisenberg.

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Breaking Bad Heisenberg And Walter White

So there are basically 2 names that are synonymous with the show. Walter White and Heisenberg. They both are the same person, but the things they portray and their character cannot be any different. The Transformation of Walter White from Heisenberg can be considered the high point of the show. They bring the same person but still hold different opinions from fans. It is really astonishing to see such a character change and make it work.

The first character, Walter White, was supposed to be a bland and inoffensive character. Thus the name. The name Walter White was chosen because of how it sounds. It doesn’t evoke any feelings, which surely helped with the character set-up. During the whole appearance of Breaking Bad, Walter White is shown as a character to which, nothing good ever happens. He is struggling financially, his job is not going right and nothing good ever happens. This really makes the viewer sympathetic towards him. And later when he stands up for himself really gets the excitement going.

The name, Heisenberg was inspired by an actual physicist known as Werner Heisenberg. The scientist is known for his theory on uncertainty. this fits totally in line with the character he is too uncertain about its real identity. This makes the show way much better when Walter White goes from becoming a failed and puny person to Heisenberg the Meth King. This transformation has definitely left an imprint on the fans. It is kinda inspirational but for the wrong kind.

This genius of the directors and writers and everybody creating Breaking Bad definitely pushed the cinema to standards. And these two characters were the ones carrying the weight.

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