Common Chatgpt Uses to Adopt In Day to Day Life

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ChatGPT has been one hell of an assistant. It can be really helpful regarding some work you may want done. As the days go by, The AI becomes more intelligent. However, before the day comes when it enslaves humanity and becomes out AI lord, let’s look at some ChatGPT uses on day to day basis. Most of these are really common and a lot of people have already been using it.

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Common ChatGPT Uses

  • Translation – it’s really common one. Some may wonder not just use Google Translate for the job. Well, the thing is, not every language is a translation of other language. The are some nuances that one have to keep in mind while translation. In some Google Translate is still better than ChatGPT, However, it captures the nuances better (sometimes). But the speed at which it adapts is way better than Google Translate
  • Summary of Books and Movies – ChatGPT knows nearly every movie, book or show. Just asking for a summary or overview will get you detailed paragraph about the media concerned. It can also provide overview. While it will not be unique, it will surely be convenient to do if don’t know about the media.
  • Gift Ideas – So i am not good at getting gifts for my friends. ChatGPT is really helpful in this situation. You can just tell the personality, hobbies, likes of person it can conjure up an idea for a very robust gift. it’s better than it sounds.
  • Conversations – Sometimes all we need is to talk to someone. While ChatGPT can’t compare to a human,(Which maybe be getting less true day by day) It really good at listening. It’s amazing if you just wanna talk. Just make sure you don’t get too emotional with this stuff, or may too explicit. (some people have).
  • Time Management – if you put all the things you wanna do in a day, it can create a really robust time table. It can also provide ways to actually work on the time table.
  • Writing – ChatGPT is better in writing than an average person. it cant create better letters, applications, e-mails and all sort of stuff. Moreover, it can alter the information according to the user requirements. You put word limits, voice of speech, emotion etc and it adheres it to very well.

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