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So game is finally untanned we can finally have some fun. The gameplay as still as fun as it used to be. But what makes it that people know you are experienced? Good clothes and shiny weapons can help you get such credibility. If you want to look serious or just cool, these are great for standing out. The majority of BGMI’s content is a free-to-play battle royale game. You will barely have to pay to play. However, some of the in-game goodies in BGMI can only be purchased with real money. In BGMI, the in-game money is known as Unknown Cash (UC).

Players of PUBG Mobile can utilise UC to access crates, purchase the temporary Royale Pass, use Lucky Spins, and do a lot more stuff. The common things players do to get cool new shiny stuff. You can say UC is definitive currency in BGMI. As a result, UC offers players. the chance to stockpile cosmetics. However, the listed costs for the UC bundles in the in-game shop are astronomically high. And for some people highly inpractical. As a result, players are increasingly looking for other programmes or websites that offer UC at a reduced cost.

Codashop BGMI is one such website. Krafton Inc. teamed up with Codashop for BGMI in-game currency purchase. This is done for a bit of a discount that you can’t find inside the game.

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How to Buy UC from Codashop BGMI

You must follow these steps carefully if you want to buy UC. Since there is money on the line, i believe you will be resonsible.

  1. Go the Codashop BGMI website.
  2. Choose BGMI from the list of Games.
  3. After finding BGMI, check for the Vouchers and choose the one you want.
  4. Now for the transaction. For this you will need any of the transaction options. This includes Gpay or any UPI.
  5. Complete the transaction
  6. You will receive a voucher code. You can use the voucher in the redeem section of the game to get your UC.

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