CoinSwitch Ventures Invests $25 Million in Web3 Indian Startups

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CoinSwitch Kuber, one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges in India, has announced its new initiative, CoinSwitch Ventures, designed to support and invest in early-stage. Indian startups are handling blockchain technology to build innovative products and services for the decentralized web, known as web3. 

CoinSwitch Ventures aims to foster the growth of the Indian blockchain ecosystem by supporting startups with strategic investments and nurturing them through mentorship and access to resources. With web3 technologies and blockchain, startups have the potential to build decentralized services that are trustless, permissionless, and transparent. This opens up new opportunities for innovation and disruption in industries ranging from finance to social media.

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Web3 startups by CoinSwitch Ventures

CoinSwitch Ventures has allocated nearly $25 million to four promising Indian web3 startups: 

1. Instadapp

Instadapp is a platform that enables users to manage various DeFi protocols through a single interface, simplifying the process for novices and experienced users alike. Its users can easily access and manage over 35 DeFi protocols using a single dashboard. 

2. Razor Network

Razor Network is an oracle infrastructure that enables developers to securely and reliably interact with external data sources in their decentralized applications, helping to bring real-world data onto the blockchain. 

3. Zeroswap

Zeroswap is a decentralized exchange that offers users fast and seamless trading of various cryptocurrencies with near-zero fees. 

4. Torus

Torus is a user-friendly, non-custodial key management platform enabling users to access all their web3 applications using their existing email and social media accounts. 

CoinSwitch Ventures helps spur the development and adoption of web3 technologies in India, building a stronger blockchain ecosystem. Due growth of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, web3 has disrupted industries and unlocked new opportunities for innovation. CoinSwitch Ventures is taking an active role in nurturing this disruption.

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