Fifty Fifty agency releases recording of extortion attempt

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The agency of the K-pop girl group Fifty Fifty, Attrakt, has released a recording of a phone call that they say reveals an alleged extortion attempt against the group’s members.

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In the recording, a man who is identified as Ahn Sung-il, the CEO of the outsourced service company Douglas, can be heard offering to buy out Fifty Fifty’s contract with Attrakt for 20 billion won (about US$15 million). Ahn Sung-il also says that he has damaging information about Fifty Fifty members that he could release if they do not agree to the buyout.

Attract has denied the extortion allegations, but they say that the recording provides evidence that Ahn Sung-il was trying to force the group to sign with Warner Music Korea, a rival agency.

The recording has sparked renewed speculation about the alleged extortion attempt against Fifty Fifty members. Ahn Sung-il has denied the extortion allegations, but Attrakt has accused him of trying to force the group to sign with Warner Music Korea by threatening to release damaging information about them.

The recording of the phone call between Attrakt’s CEO and the Warner Music Korea executive provides further evidence of the alleged buyout attempt, and it could lead to further legal action against Ahn Sung-il.

Source – SportsDonga

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