How much Tesla cars cost in India?

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Tesla is an electric vehicle manufacturing company from United States of America. Even though the company was founded in 2003, it started to gaining popularity after 2012. The current CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk bought the company in 2008. With the launch of their second halo car, Tesla Model S, The company hit the popularity marks and now nearly everyone recognizes a Tesla vehicle. The increasing interest in electric vehicles is also a reason for the brands success. However, even after all this, you can’t actually buy a Tesla manufactured in India. Mainly because of the unavailability of any production plants in India.

How much will a Tesla cost?

In USA, a Tesla Model 3 can cost from $43,000 to $73,000 USD which equates to 35-60 lacs INR. The Tesla Model Y costs $58000 to $78000 USD which equates to 47-63 lacs INR. However, Indian law also mandates that every Complete Built Unit also must pay 60% to 100% on import and customs duty. This means even cheapest car in the best case scenario will cost you about 56,00,000 INR. And the top models can even cost upto 1 crore.

You can get other luxury vehicles such as BMW 800 series or Mercedes C-Class for the same price. These vehicles will also come with more features compared to the standard Tesla. This is due to the fact that these companies have production plants in India. Which means customs fees do not applying to them. Tesla prices will be reduced to half if the Brand opens a factory in India.

Is Tesla even going to be manufactured in India?

Tesla may open manufacturing plants in Indi,a if not now, then in the near future. The speculations started to arise when Elon Musk, started to follow to india Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. This action by Elon indicates that Tesla is maybe trying enter the Indian automobile market. However, things are not as simple as they seem.

Elon musk has stated that he was thinking of putting a production plant in India in 2022. But, he also said in a tweet, “Tesla will not put a manufacturing plant in any location where we are not allowed first to sell & service cars”. This statement was mainly regarding the law that Tesla could not buy vehicles from China. Union Minister, Nitin Gadkari believes that EVs will be cheaper than petrol vehicle with time and it will be profitable for Tesla to set up a factory. However, the company must buy all parts and services from india.

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