Why Microsoft doesn’t take any action against pirated Windows users

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In India, more than 80% of the population uses Microsoft Windows. Mainly because others operating like MacOS are too expensive, or Linus are too niche for the general public. Some Users in India are still using windows 7 and on some rare occasions, even XP. And, Nearly all of the copies of these Windows OS are pirated. A study reported more 90% of the population uses a pirated copy of Windows. Even if someone buys a new PC or laptop, he will most likely get it with a pirated copy of the OS.

The fact is, Microsoft knows about this Piracy situation. Some people wonder why Microsoft doesn’t take any actions against it. Especially nowadays when software developers have more power against the pirates. Other software companies have taken actions against pirates like Apple prosecuting jailbreak of MacOS and others. Microsoft can easily issue cease and desist orders. They can even brick you PC if you are using Pirated windows. SO why aren’t they doing anything? They just simply don’t care.

Pirated Windows actually benefits Microsoft

The Microsoft actually supports Windows pirating. In an Interview, Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft said that as long as people are pirating software, they want their software to be one of them. They have no objections as long as that pirated piece of software is used for personal use, not commercial. They actually find confidence from the fact that when people pirate an operating system, they are more likely to choose Windows as opposed to an alternative.

Microsoft strategy is to ignore anyone using pirated copy of windows. According to them, the more people will pirate windows, the more people will use them. And more and more people will develop their skills around a Windows operating system. If an institution teaches their students computer skills using a Microsoft OS, more people in the future will prefer an Windows OS for work and usage. So it’s a profit for Windows in the long term.

However, Microsoft is not always lenient against software piracy. Microsoft makes bulk of it’s money by selling software licenses to organisations and corporations. They even customize their OS for specific needs. Microsoft only sends out notices and charges if an organization or corporation uses their software even if it a non profit organisation.

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