BTS Jungkook on Releasing Explicit Version of ‘Seven’: “I Want to Challenge Myself”

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BTS member Jungkook recently released the explicit version of his solo song “Seven.” In a live broadcast, Jungkook explained why he decided to release two versions of the song.

“I’m just being honest,” Jungkook said. “Everyone feels differently, so I can’t help it if I feel that way. By doing everything… I honestly don’t know. Isn’t there just a feeling? I don’t know. It’s just a feeling.” Read More – KISS OF LIFE’s JULIE Apologizes for Singing the N-Word

Jungkook said that he wanted to release a song that was more true to himself. “How old am I now? How many years ago did I debut? I will be 28 next year. But I never miss the reason why I am loved by ARMYs. So I worried a lot. Unless I show a new side like this, I can’t be recognized. Only I can do this,” he said.

Jungkook also said that he wanted to challenge himself. “I also like what I like and hate what I don’t like. I don’t have much thought. But wanting to be comfortable and taking on challenges (seems to be different) I have an image. I’m the youngest in the group, and people like this. What can I change on my own after only following this? I have to change. I have to tell people who love me, ‘This is how I am,’ and I have to make myself so that they can acknowledge it.”

Jungkook’s decision to release an explicit version of “Seven” was met with mixed reactions from fans. Some fans praised Jungkook for being honest and for challenging himself. Others felt that the explicit version was unnecessary and that it did not fit the song’s overall message.

Regardless of the reaction, Jungkook’s decision to release two versions of “Seven” is a sign that he is growing as an artist and that he is not afraid to take risks.

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