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Pokemon Go still gets major updates regularly. This has really helped the game with a long-lasting fanbase. Also, the fact there aren’t many experiences like Pokemon GO makes the game an evergreen experience. And this time, Niantic is introducing Pokemon GO Routes.

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What are Pokemon GO Routes?

Pokemon GO Routes allows players to create and or follow other people’s routes. While following these routes, players will be able to earn rewards and other stuff. These routes also feature increased Pokemon Spawns and badges. These routes will also award players with Zygarde Cells.

How To Create And Find Routes?

how to create Routes in Pokémon Go:

  • Travel to a Pokestop or Gym
  • Select the Gym or Pokestop your Route starting point from the Route tab
  • Select your Route endpoint.
  • At the Pokestop or Gym, press Record.
  • Go to your Route endpoint to finish recording and fill out the details about the route.

Keep in mind that not everyone can create a route at this time. This is because the update is only available to select users. Niantic said, “You should keep an eye on your email to see when this is ready for you”.

how to find Routes in Pokémon Go:

Anyone can travel a Route after it has been established and approved to find additional Pokémon spawns, objects, and special incentives like Route badges and Zygarde Cells, which are required to alter Zygarde’s Forme.

  • Select the ‘Nearby Pokémon’ menu under the binoculars symbol in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Go to the ‘Routes’ tab to see closed Routes.
  • Tap on a Route to preview it and review its details.
  • Tap the Route’s Follow button.
  • Go to the Route start point if you’re not already there.
  • Follow the marked path to the Route’s endpoint.

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