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Its no doubt that Pokemon Go has gained enormous popularity among fans of the franchise. More than 600 million people have downloaded the game from the Google Play Store and the App Store. The game has let many people realize the dream of becoming a Pokemon trainer. And the augmented reality method makes it way more immersive. Catching popular Pokemon and others in a natural immersive way has made the game a huge hit. However, a lot of these Pokemon can be challenging to capture. This becomes even harder if you are not taking part in events. Additionally, certain Pokemon only spawn seldom in certain places. Some even rarer ones like shiny Pokemon become nearly impossible to catch. Fortunately, Mega Nests in Pokemon Go make this endeavor way easier.

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What is Mega Nest in Pokemon GO?

Mega nests are certain areas with increased rate of Pokemon Spawns. If you find one you certain to find Pokemon in abundance. These are also increase the chances of spawning shiny Pokemon. Moreover, The type of Pokemon which spawn depends on the area of the Mega Nest. This is why two different Mega Nest in Pokemon GO will rarely spawn the same Pokemon. The developers also keep updating the spawn pool of them. So will also find different Pokemon in the same Mega Nest at different times.

Where to Find Them?

Pokemon GO Mega nest can be found in multiple locations. The area is seemingly random but they are more likely to be found near Poke Gyms or Poke Stops. This is mostly due to higher trainer activity and interaction in these spots. Due to the numerous Pokemon encounters, these places have greater spawn rates. Mega Nests have higher possibilities of generating Shiny Pokemon. This phenomenon becomes even more common during Pokemon community days. In addition to them, during Pokemon Go events that raise the Mega Nests’ radius and the rate at which Pokemon spawn.

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