Need for Speed Most Wanted Remake Might be in The Works

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Ask anyone about the game in the Need for Speed franchise and you will probably get Most Wanted as the answer. And it’s no surprise since it’s the best-selling game in the franchise with 16 million copies sold. That is more than the sales of the last 4 Need for Speed games combined. This is weird considering we never got a proper sequel (not counting the 2012). However, this may be changing since we may be getting a remake of this legendary game.

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Simone Bailly leaks Need for Speed Most Wanted Remake

This information was obtained via a tweet sent by Simone Bailly, who portrayed Sergeant Cross’s companion in the first Need for Speed game. A Reddit user was able to capture a screenshot of the leak after she deleted the tweet. A Need for Speed: Most Wanted reboot will debut in 2024, according to the tweet, but not much else is known about this game at this time. The fact that she deleted the tweet suggests that the info was leaked accidentally. If the remake is actually in the works, she probably already has angered some EA employees.

The other thing that further reinforces the myth is the latest post by Simone Bailly on Instagram. The post shows the image of her with Dean Mckenzie, who played cross in the original game. This definitely feels like some kind of publicity for the remake.

The fans have been wanting a Need for Speed Most Wanted remake for years now and this may be becoming a reality after all. However, there are still some things that need to get cleared. For example, how will they get Toyota cars in the game, or how will license the original music? Well, hope we get answers to these questions soon.

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