New Jeans Unveils New Song ‘ETA’ at Fan Meeting

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In an exciting event that had fans buzzing with anticipation, the popular music group New Jeans revealed their latest song, titled ‘ETA’, during a recent fan meeting. The unveiling of ‘ETA’ marked a highly anticipated moment for fans, who had eagerly awaited new music from the talented group.

Moreover, New Jeans also Releases Teaser for Song “ASAP” Scheduled to be Release on July 21st.

Theqoo, a popular public group forum, witnessed a mixed reaction from people regarding NewJeans’ new song, ETA.

New Jeans Performing ETA on Bunnies Camp Fan Event
  • It’s a kind of experimental
  • I don’t really like OMG and cookies, but this one is so good haha
  • Hurry up and release the high-quality version
  • Wow, it’s different. What’s up with the lyrics? What’s your ETA? Repeat a few times… Ha ha
  • The first time I saw it, I thought I was bored, but after listening to it a few times, I keep humming along to the beat.
  • I think it would be good to listen to it while exercising. I want to hear it formally right away.

Netizens have expressed mixed reactions to NewJeans’ new song, ETA. However, a final verdict on the song will have to wait until its official release

Till Then

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