How to Use ChatGPT API Key: A Beginner’s Guide

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ChatGPT is still going strong in the AI wars. It’s way ahead of any other language model currently available or created by any company. Whether it’s Google or someone else. The main advantage that ChatGPT has over other language models is that it’s open-source. This means that while other companies are training their AI on their own data, ChatGPT learns from a huge database provided by hundreds of thousands of users. A lot of people using it helped it with accelerated learning. You can also use ChatGPT and even integrate it with your own software for totally free by using something called a ChatGPT API key. here’s how.

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What is a ChatGPT API key?

When you create an account on, it automatically creates a specialized ChatGPT API key for you. This key can be used to integrate ChatGPT into any of your software. Using this key, you will be charged monthly. The cost depends on the number of words used by the user which are also called tokens. There are currently 2 models available, ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo (4k Context)(DaVinci) and ChatGPT 3.5 (16K Context).

How to get your own API key?

  1. Create Your Account on OpenAI. You can also create an account using your Google or Microsoft account.
  2. Go to your profile and click the menu item and see a list of options.
  3. Click on “View API Keys“.
  4. Click on “Create New Secret Key“.

And you are done. Keep in mind you can create multiple keys. OpenAI also provides you with a free trial of 18$ worth of tokens. And you don’t need to use different keys for different versions either.

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