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One Piece Live Action Series Episodes Leaked on Surfaced on Twitter. Two days ago, the Netflix Tudum event unveiled the One Piece live-action trailer along with several showcased movies, including Heart of Stone. One Piece fans have been eagerly awaiting the upcoming live-action Series of their beloved Anime.

Netflix plans to release the highly anticipated live-action series One Piece on 31 August 2023. Fans Have Mixed Reactions to the One Piece Live-Action Trailer but many anime fans are loving it. One Piece Author Eiichiro Oda’s Involvement in One Piece Live Action raised excitement among fans.

As the release date draws near, fans eagerly anticipate the unveiling of new information about the series. Such updates are progressively emerging through official announcements from Netflix or unauthorized leaks.

Recently, Twitter user @OP_Netflix_Fan shared the titles of the live-action episodes on various social media platforms. Moreover, These eight episode titles have surfaced, although their exact airing sequence remains uncertain.

  • Romance Dawn
  • The Man in the Straw Hat
  • Tell No Tales
  • The Pirates are Coming
  • Eat at Baratie
  • The Chef and Chore boy
  • The Girl With Sawfish Tattoo
  • Worst in the East

Let’s see if the One Piece live-action adaptation can capture people’s hearts just like the anime did.

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