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Skins or cosmetics are something that permeates 99% of all online games these days. At one time, people didn’t like the concept of paying for skins, unfortunately, it is the norm now. Players nowadays have no problems with paying for this stuff because they got conditioned to it. However, it seems like the price increase in Fortnite Skins is not something people are approving of.

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Fortnite X Avatar The Last Airbender Overpriced Skins

With the release of the new Fortnite x Avatar The Last Airbender partnership, Epic Games added previously teased various skins. These include Katara, Toph, and Zuko to the Item Shop. However, players were disappointed to find the linked price tag, as the Item Shop displayed a large disparity between the Avatar skins and previously released cooperation skins such as the Invincible and Dragon Ball bundles.

This was noted in a recent Reddit post by u/vincenzodraws, in which the user urged Epic Games to cease overpricing skins. Mentioning particularly in light of the current Locker adjustments, which remove practically all skin rarities from the locker.

While the Fortnite collaboration was highly anticipated by community members, rising prices of the skins have ruined the moment. The price hike, and the changes to Locker UI, can be attributed to Epic Games’ reworking of Fortnite’s cosmetic system.

While Epic Games has not commented on the price increase, it has discussed abandoning the Battle Royale systems while discussing the loss of skin rarities. These modifications may pave the way for other adjustments in the future, making skin prices unpredictable for the time being.

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