Pokemon Go Graphics Update Isn’t Going Well With Players

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Niantic just released a new Pokemon Go Graphics Update which overhauls the character avatars. This is something that the players wanted for a long time now. However, instead of getting something that would like, they got something even worse than the original one.

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Pokemon Go Graphics Update

The latest Pokémon Go graphics update includes modifications to the Style Shop and the design of users’ avatars.
Different clothes are available, and gamers can now design their avatars in greater detail.

Adjustable body weights offer new customisation options for muscles, hips, and chest. Various eye hues and skin tones. New facial expressions and hairstyles of various lengths.

Aside from avatar system updates, the game’s graphics will be upgraded, according to the game’s website, to enhance “your real-world surroundings in a fun and ecologically accurate way”. This update is scheduled to go live on Earth Day, which is April 22, 2024.

Just because an upgrade has been released does not guarantee that the fanbase will positively receive it. Furthermore, Players have complained about the exaggerated body forms and absence of gender-specific options. Some have also commented that the game now appears less like Pokémon’s usual anime style.

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