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If you have ever used a computer with an Nvidia GPU, you will be familiar with Nvidia GeForce Experience. Nvidia GeForce provide a way for users to download and install graphic drivers for Video cards. XNXUBD are the new graphic drivers for the new series of 2022 Nvidia RTX cards. The RTX series mainly consists of the 30 series and 40 series graphic cards. XNXUBD is only supported by Nvidia cards however.

Driver Download and Installation

  1. Identify Your GPU – Firstly, you must know what GPU do you actually have. It may sound like an obvious but the naming schemes can be confusing. You may download a wrong driver software just because of misspelled word or one misplaced letter. Some GPU share the names but different architecture. This makes it very important that you actually know what you are looking for. To find out about your GPU, simply go to Nvidia Auto detection. The website will scan your system and tell you which card you have.
  2. Download the Driver – After identifying your card, download the correct driver from the Nvidia Website. The drop down boxes will make the GPU selection much easier. After finding the correct Driver, simply download it.
  3. Installation – After the download is complete, you can install the drivers. The installation process is fairly simple. all you have to is specify the location and everything else, the installer will handle.

When the installation is completed, you may want to reboot your PC so that the firmware can identify and GPU. The GeForce Experience will let you customize your GPU performance according to you will. You can set global options for every game you run and you can fine tune your experience in a specific game. The drivers are not just firmware but an actual controller in this case.

It is speculated that XNXUBD is actually not a graphic driver at all. Some people speculate it an Xbox Series X hardware architecture. However, not much information is present currently on this topic. Maybe its just a String of letters and nothing else.

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