Nvidia AI to Make Video Games More Immersive.

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Nvidia, the leading the chip and GPU manufacturer, is making advancements towards AI. The company was already making the most powerful cards to render high quality images. The new RTX technology used for ray tracing was already creating life like light simulations. Nvidia also took a hit at the AI before wit their DLSS technology. DLSS lets the GPU render the game at lower resolution and uses AI to upscale it. However, now it seems Nvidia is going all in the Artificial Intelligence scene.

AI NPCs in Games

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang recently showed the world a peek of this technology at Computex 2023. They created demo of an NPC in the cyberpunk setting. The thing which made it impressive was that the NPC used artificial intelligence. Nvidia say that this collaboration of AI with gaming can change the whole scenario.

In the Demo, instead choosing from a list of dialogue options you could actually take to the NPC. The character then generated a response according the speech. Nvidia refers to this as “peek at the future of games.” If they technology is implemented more frequently, the results can be the most immersive environment ever created digitally.

It is still in its alpha stage which makes it not much of an upgrade compared to standard dialogues. However, since its a self learning, the usage will actually help better the results. Al this technology needs is some time.

The demo however does not make use of popular AI models like OpenAI or chatGPT. The demo was basically created to advertise and publicize the tools and tech used to create the demo. Specifically, a set of middleware for games that can run both locally and on the cloud called Nvidia ACE (Avatar Cloud Engine). The company’s NeMo tools for deploying large language models (LLMs), Riva speech-to-text and text-to-speech, among other components, are all included in the whole ACE package.

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