Yik Yak Users Revolt Against App’s Redesign Following Sidechat Acquisition

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Yik Yak, a social media app known for its anonymous posts, has undergone a major redesign following its acquisition by Square and subsequent merger with Sidechat. The move with resistance from its user base, who has taken to social media to express their frustration and disappointment.

The Background Yik Yak

Yik Yak launched in 2013 and quickly became popular on college campuses as a way for students to share and read anonymous posts from others in their community. The app gained notoriety for its infamous “hotspots,” where users could see the most popular posts in their area.

However, in recent years, the app’s popularity has declined, as users shifted to other social media platforms as Instagram and Snapchat. Square announced had acquired Yik Yak and would merge the social media app with Sidechat, a group messaging and event planning app. Square revealed plans to relaunch Yik Yak as a “community-focused” platform with new features like geolocation-based group chats and events.

The Redesign

In its acquisition and merger, Yik Yak underwent significant changes to its design and functionality. The app now includes a social feed, where users can see posts from people they follow, likewise a “community” tab, which includes group chats and events.

One of the most significant changes, however the addition of user profiles. Users can now create and customize their profiles, add a profile picture, and track their followers and the following count. Users can now “like” and “dislike” posts, a feature absent from the previous version of the app.

The Backlash

The redesign of Yik Yak has not been well-received by its user base, who have taken to social media to express dissatisfaction. Many users have criticized the redesign as a departure from Yik Yak’s original anonymity-focused ethos. Though have expressed concern of profiles and likes will lead to bullying and harassment.

Users have criticized the new social feed, which they claim is cluttered and confusing. Some have expressed disappointment Yik Yak has not robust moderation features to combat hate speech and other harmful content.

The Future of Yik Yak

Yik Yak’s redesign and merger with Sidechat represent a significant shift for the social media app. It remains to be seen how the platform will develop in the coming months and years. The company has stated that it plans to continue to focus on community-building features, including group chats and events.

Without the anonymity was once a hallmark of Yik Yak. It remains to see how the app will differentiate itself from other social media platforms. The success of the revamped Yik Yak will probably depend on its ability to address its user base. It creates a safe and engaging environment for users to connect and share.


Yik Yak users have taken to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the app’s recent redesign and its acquisition by Sidechat. Users have cited technical issues with the interface, while others have expressed frustration with the removal of popular features, such as anonymous posting.

This backlash highlights the challenges that technology companies face when undergoing transitions, particularly to engaging with their user base. To stay relevant in today’s ever-changing tech landscape, companies must remain responsive to user feedback and adapt to their needs. This means addressing the concerns of users and balancing innovation with the features that made it popular first place. Only time will tell whether Yik Yak will navigate this transition and retain its dedicated user base.

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