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Google has rolled out a new way through which users can access their account. Labeled Passkeys, this will allow users to access their accounts without a traditional username or password. Google is urging its users to convert their accounts passkey compatible. These Passkeys will work as a replacement to passwords. Users can proactively turn it on after its launch. Google, Apple, Microsoft and the FIDO Alliance announced a partnership to make this a reality.

Are Passkeys Better?

The new Passkeys allows friction-less and password-less login.In the old password systems, the multifactor authentication mechanisms and password managers offered reasonable security improvements. However, they were not full Proof. An authentication code sent via Messages or SMS could easily be intercepted. This was especially true if one used third party password managers. Attackers can also steal your password or trick you into giving it to them in phishing attacks.

The new passkey model uses cryptographic keys stored on your devices for authentication. This model was specially designed to minimize the fishing attacks. With passkeys, users’ authentication essentially synchronizes across all their devices through the cloud. This allows them to use same PIN or bio-metrics to sign into their accounts which they use to unlock their phones. This technology requires physical access to the user device. This makes it more difficult to access one’s device.

Passkey support from companies

Google, Apple and FIDO are now implementing these standards on as many platforms as possible. This feature will be supported on Operating systems like Windows, Android, MacOS and browser too. Earlier, these companies required you to sign-in through each device individually to your account. However using passkeys, users can login through a device to a different device they own.

The trio have been rolling out updates from way earlier. with Apple introducing Passkey support to iOS in September. Other companies have also started to support the new features such PayPal, Shopify and others since October.

Google say that the successful sign-in rates a considerably higher than using traditional password and username logins. There are obviously going to be some bugs. Google said they hope them and iron them quickly as possible. This is so that other companies can also implement these features confidently.

From today, Google Account users will also be able to use passkeys.

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