IBM Delays Hiring as They Plan to Replace 7,800 Jobs with AI, Reports Bloomberg

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IBM is one of the most well-known tech giants in the world. It has been designing and developing various cutting-edge technologies and products, ranging from artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain to quantum computing, and storage solutions. In the past few months, the company’s plans to cut thousands of jobs and reshape its workforce have made headlines.

The tech giant has now announced its plans to delay all hiring and replace 7,800 human jobs with artificial intelligence over the next two years.

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IBM’s Lay-Offs and AI Plans

IBM devastated its staff by laying off 10,000 people worldwide to reorganize its businesses and focus more on cloud computing and AI projects.

This year, the company is laying off more workers to make room for AI automation and other technology-driven projects. To do this, the company is slowing the hiring process and focusing more on AI-driven projects.

IBM estimates will replace 7,800 human jobs with artificial intelligence by 2023. The company plans to invest funds in “high-value tasks” that would help its customers use data more and reduce costs.

Potential Challenges

Several challenges come with automating a large workforce. First, artificial intelligence robots, which require an initial cost and powerful programming to operate, will replace many of these jobs.

IBM will need to invest in the training of existing employees to help them transition to new roles within the company. It reviews the current structure and takes any potential legal repercussions from the layoffs.

Companies consider the ethical implications of replacing human jobs with AI-driven robots. They may view the action as anti-worker and negatively affecting staff members who have given the company years of devoted service to making potentially “unethical” actions.

IBM’s AI Development

IBM has made fast strides toward the development of AI-driven products. In 2020, the company rolled out a new AI-driven risk management platform called Watson for Detecting Cyber Threats. Customers may automatically check their cyber security systems for unusual activity. The platform provides speedy detection and blocking of unwanted attacks.

The business introduced speech recognition and analytics software that can review voicemail recordings. Other interactions are 100 times quicker than a human worker while enhancing Watson’s vision capabilities.

IBM has long been a leader in artificial intelligence, and its most recent initiative to automate its workforce using AI is a sign trend will pick up speed in the coming years. The company’s intentions to use AI-driven robots to replace human occupations can harm its employees but produce effective services.

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