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Yanliang Zhang, associate professor of aerospace made a new discovery in the material printing development. Zhang calls this printing technique HTCP or High-throughput combinatorial printing. The professor developed an advanced 3D printing technique that creates materials in ways traditional manufacturing cannot. This new method changes the ink mixing ratio while printing by combining different material inks. HTCP printing does all this in a single printing nozzle. HTCP is a technique that generates materials with changing compositions and qualities at micro levels. The new method also does all of it dynamically. It also controls the 3D architectures and local compositions of the printed materials.

Yanliang was already looking for new ways to print new materials. He already stated it would take multiple decades for them to actually get somewhere. However, The need for new materials is more than ever. In the end, Zhang himself found a solution with his dynamically composition altering material.

Mixing of different materials can lead to faster development. Using this technology, they can the composition of a material. This can help with creating brand new materials for different requirements. His team used this technique to create a new conductor material. This material can later be used better cooling and conducting activities. The material created had better conducting properties than any other.

Zhang and other people can use HTCP for printing of materials like metals and polymers. The materials created are referred to as “libraries” because of t heir different composition. The composition of materials can controlled on microscopic level.

This new technique can be much helpful in the field of bio medicine. It can create graded materials that can change there properties. This Printing method can create materials which can turn from hard to soft. Surgeons can use these materials to act as link for implant devices.

Zhang is also looking forward to use AI and Machine learning with his new technology. Since the technique uses data to create materials, usage of AI can make it more efficient.

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