Nintendo Direct June 2023 is Live – Here’s What to Expect

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Nintendo has been announcing the release of their major titles through Nintendo Direct. The Nintendo Direct June 2023 is scheduled for 21 of this month. And at the time of writing this article, its only 45 minutes away. So before anything else, Go catch live stream on YouTube right now!

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Nintendo Direct June 2023 Predictions

The last time time in February, Nintendo announced one of their biggest title. Which Included the amazing Legend of Zelda – The tears of the Kingdom. While announcing other games like a Metroid Remaster and other minor stuff.

For Nintendo Direct June 2023 however, we have actually no idea what to expect. The most likely thing to happen is probably the announcement of the Switch 2. The thing is, while The new Zelda is good, the hardware it runs is really old now and doesn’t handle new games well. Tears of the Kingdom deserves a more powerful system. It has been speculated the Nintendo has been working on a better Switch version for a time. Maybe it’s the time we will see one.

Well, looking at live chat under the video suggests what people actuall want. Ive been seeing a lot of Pikmin 4, a new Mother game, Mario Kart and Tomodochi life. Well, it’s not much time left so let’s just see what Nintendo is up to.

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