This Pangolin Inspired Millirobot can Help With Internal Injuries

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The microbot was created by Ren Hao Soon and his colleagues at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart, Germany. They already had soft tiny robots in medical field. The decision to add have overlapping aluminium plates inspired by pangolins, the only mammal with scales. They created the robot’s ability to shift shape by layering rectangular “scales” over softer, magnetic material. They design of the Millirobot is better at movement inside a being and treating internal injuries.

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How is the Millirobot used to treat Medical Injuries?

The scientists use electromagnetic pulses to for the robot. The change in the pulses is used to generate heat. The heat generated can be used to safely get rid of any unwanted cells. Such cancer or tumors. The heat is also better at stopping internal bleeding bleeding since it also seals the wound. The pulses can also be used to move the robot. Which then can transport medical supplies around the body acting like a capsule.

Adding the plates to the Millirobot helped it with better movement. Which was harder to pull of in the total soft designs.

The Original tests were done on a dead pig with simulated internal bleeding. The Millirobot was successful at creating a blood clot on the wound and help to seal. The design is still in the testing phase. However, it feels certain that the design will surely better than the ones already available.

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